The Welcome Hall

Booking phone number:  07824 309712  Office hours:   9.00am  to  5.00pm    Monday to Friday only. (Ms Cheryl Smith)

The foundation stone of this building was laid in 1902 by Lord Halsbury who was the then Lord Chancellor. The building was provided by the Pretyman family for the benefit of both the Trimley villages.  In 1939 the hall was conveyed to village trustees and a Trust Deed entered into which gave the purposes for which the hall was to be used as follows: 

for the purpose of physical and mental training and recreation social moral and intellectual development through the medium of reading, recreational rooms, library lectures, classes, recreations; entertainment or otherwise as may be found expedient for the inhabitants of the Parishes of Trimley St Martin and Trimley St Mary and the immediate vicinity without distinction of sex, or of political or religious opinions .

The Trimley St. Mary Parish Council, with the approval of all existing trustees applied to the Charity Commission in 1995 seeking the transfer of trusteeship from individuals to the Parish Council in order that essential improvements, including the provision of a new roof, could be financed from the community and this was agreed in February 1996.  The Hall is available for hire, based on three sessions per day, and is in regular use by many local groups:

  Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Yoga Class
Felixstowe Musical Theatre Group (FMT)
Tuesday     Zen meditation Class
Wednesday Line Dancing WI (monthly)
PCC meeting (monthly)
Thursday     Felixstowe Musical Theatre Group (FMT)
Friday   Dance class
Saturday Dance Class    

Other regular uses include:-

Parish Council, Trimley WI & Sewing Group